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The beauty and properties of gemstones, as well as the primordial desire of people to adorn their bodies with beautiful jewelry, was the inspiration that led me to the composition and creation of jewelry that brings with them the elements of nature. Earth… Water… .Air… Fire. These are the materials. Stored in beautiful unique stones that take shape from a pair of hands. My hands.

With love

Roula Paschalidou

Jewelry made from the magic of nature, with the charm of the unique.


Its name is of Greek origin and refers to the lines that appear on the fingernail of several animals. Onyx was especially popular in ancient Egypt, Assyria, Babylon and Rome. It was used in sculptures, mosaics, but also in entire palace decoration. It belongs to a variety of chalcedony, which consists of overlapping layers of light and dark material. That is why alternations of white and black stripes appear. Onyx mines exist in Mexico, Brazil, Algeria, Madagascar and India. Its properties are many. Promotes strength, perseverance, endurance. It gives confidence, courage and patience. Stimulates self-control. Calms fears and doubts. Helps in wise decision making. Absorbs any emotional tension. It is mainly used to prevent the negativity of others. Women with strong personalities know why they choose to wear this stone!

It is a shiny and hard agglomerate that forms in some mollusks, mainly in the shells, around the original nucleus, which can be a parasite or a grain of sand. It is covered with layers of Calcium Carbonate (pearl), which form it. Wild pearls are now a rare but very expensive find in the shallow waters of the Gulf of Kuwait, the Gulf of California, the coasts of Australia, Mexico and India. Symbolizing elegance, aristocracy, simplicity, it has been a favorite jewelry of women since antiquity, making pearl jewelry unique, with a special aesthetic. Favorite all time classic jewelry of most women, it can be combined and worn in many ways and styles.
Σπάνιο πλέον ,αλλά και πανάκριβο εύρημα τα άγρια μαργαριτάρια στα αβαθή νερά στον Κόλπο του Κουβέιτ,στον Κόλπο της Καλιφόρνιας,στα παράκτια της Αυστραλίας , στο Μεξικό και στην Ινδία.
Συμβολισμός της κομψότητας,της αριστοκρατικότητας , της απλότητας ,αποτελεί αγαπημένο κόσμημα των γυναικών από την αρχαιότητα,καθιστώντας τα μαργαριταρένια κοσμήματα μοναδικά , με ιδιαίτερη αισθητική.
Αγαπημένο all time classic  κόσμημα των περισσοτέρων γυναικών , μπορεί να συνδυαστεί και να φορεθεί με πολλούς τρόπους και στυλ.
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